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Ewing Avenue Baptist Church

Share, apply and obey the word of God to help cultivate and grow the disciples of Jesus Christ as they invite others to Christ.

eabc service hours

Welcome to Ewing Avenue Baptist Church

Sunday School – 9:00 am
Sunday Worship – 10:45 am
Monday – Mission and Brotherhood at 7 PM 
Tuesday – Choir Rehearsal*
Wednesday – Bible Study 7 to 8 PM
Saturday –  Usher Board at 2 PM (4th Saturday only)
* Please contact minister of the auxiliary for exact time and date


Knowing, Showing Growing, and Going


— We Fellowship

Ewing Street Baptist is a family of followers of Christ. We worship together, pray together and celebrate life together. Together we sing and praise and give Glory to Him, our redeemer.


— We Minister

God's word heals and edifies. Our pastoral care team has founded and leads ministries for men, women and youth to provide spiritual care and support to all of God's people.


— We Strengthen

We are all on our own journey, but it's a little easier when we travel the road to God together. Ewing Avenue is here to plat the seeds of positive change, cultivate testimonies and bring souls closer to Him.


— We Educate

We look to God's own Word for the answers that guide us through every day life. We believe the more you get to know Christ the closer you will draw to Him.


— We Provide Care

All need a helping hand at some stage along the road of life. Our team shepherds God's people through pain and grief and helps find new beginnings for all who are lost.


— We Empower

We strive to help God's people find their purpose and calling in life and we believe that part of that journey is cultivating opportunities to serve God, to grow closer to Him.

Empowering the people of God and changing the world one soul at a time

I've Been Saved

I was truly lost and then I found my way into a new family and through the spiritual nourishment and care I found at Ewing Avenue Baptist - God pulled me close and saved me and now I am His.

I Discovered a New Life

in Christ here at Ewing Avenue Baptist Church. A wonderful life it is. With wonderful people and a caring pastor who continues to help me find God's purpose for me and my journey through life.