about ewing avenue baptist church

Our History

The Southeast Dallas Baptist Church was organized in the home of Rev. Thurmon Perry on January 14, 1962. Meetings were held on Sunday and Wednesday nights in the home of Rev. Perry and Bro. Clark. L. Malone, temporary officers were elected, bible lessons were taught by Rev. Perry, and small offerings were made.

On January 31, 1962, Southeast Dallas Baptist Church was officially organized by moderator, Rev. R. C. McNeil, the late Pastor of Greater New Bethel Baptist Church. Nine members from Greater New Bethel Baptist Church joined the new Southeast Dallas Baptist Church. Rev. Thurmon Perry was officially chosen by a committee to be pastor of the new church.

The congregation continued their studies from January 14, 1962 through April 1, 1962. A building - at 2405 Foreman - was rented at $50.00 per month with intentions of having it renovated into a new church building. As time continued, the church joined the Peaceful Rest Evergreen Baptist Association with a small fee of $5.00. On March 25, 1962, the first service was held in the new Southeast Dallas Baptist Church building. Service continued there until February 1963, when the church decided it was strong enough to take a step forward. The church then purchased property located at 4228 Penelope Street and the congregation increased in membership. Again, the church decided it was time to move and in April 1965, the church relocated to Octavia and Jordan. Finally, in 1969, the church moved to its present location at 1323 South Ewing Avenue. The name was changed from Southeast Dallas Baptist Church to Ewing Avenue Baptist Church.

For years, this church has pointed men, women, boys, and girls toward the Heavenly Way. In 2001, we formed a youth drill team and a junior brotherhood organization. In the midst of world turmoil, in the strife of war, and at times when worldly ideas have crumbled, this church has held the high banner of Christ who said, "Upon this rock, I build my Church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it." This church has had only one pastor, Rev. Thurman Perry, who has preached the gospel so that everyone could hear Jesus Christ, know of His goodness and see His works in the lives of men.