Pastor Lee Craig

Lee Craig



Pastor Craig has served as the Senior Pastor of Ewing Avenue Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas for the past 11 years. Pastor Craig is a visionary pastor and zealous leader that is grateful to have been called to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. He entered the ministry after receiving the spiritual calling to become a minister, 26 years ago.  

Pastor Craig met his one and only true love, First Lady Mavis Craig in the later part of his adolescent years.  Today, they have been enjoyed more than 34 years of marriage and have one son, Darius Craig. This union was not only be the beginning of a true love story, but it would also mark a pivotal point in Pastor Craig’s Spirtual life; when he would begin to cultivate the sincerity of being a faithful servant of God! Pastor Craig’s desire to follow Christ deepened as he observed the profoundly embedded spiritual foundation of First Lady M. Craig’s family.  The late Rev. Thurman Perry was not only the grandfather of First Lady M. Craig but also the Founder and Senior Pastor of Ewing Avenue Baptist Church (EABC). As life would have it, Pastor Craig would join Ewing Avenue Baptist Church and the late Rev. Thurman Perry would take him under his wing, as a mentor and spiritual father.   

After the encouragement of his beloved wife and mentor, the late Rev. Thurman Perry, Pastor Craig went on to complete the Educational and Pastoral Ministry Programs at both Southern Bible Institute and Criswell College, respectively.  

Pastor Craig’s spiritual eagerness to serve the church deepened the more he learned about the greatness of God. This same eagerness will soon lead him to serving 2 years as a faithful deacon. 

Pastor Craig became the Assistant Pastor of EABC, after receiving the spiritual calling to become a minister.  After 15 years of dedicated service, Pastor Craig would then take on the Senior Pastor role when the late Rev. Thurman Perry retired in 2008.  

Currently, Pastor Craig has a pastoral staff that consist of 4 associates pastors, a deacon board of 10 deacons, and 6 deaconesses and numerous other ministries/auxiliaries under his leadership. Pastor Craig is just as passionate about helping people learn more about word of God, spiritual obedience and the true benefits of following Christ now as he was when he first entered the ministry. He believes in being present in the church not only as an example of a humble and faithful servant of Christ but also being supportive for each of his fellow members. Pastor Craig has been noticed to go above and beyond the call of duty for the sake of assisting his members in their times of need. 

How Our Church Has Grown Under Pastor Craig's Servant Leadership

2008 - Woman 2 Woman

2009 - Outreach In-reach (Food) Ministry

New Generation Choir 

2010 - Youth Ministry 

2011 - Social Media/ Newsletter Ministry

2012 - Transportation Ministry

2012 - Renovated Church

Audio / Visual Ministry

2015 - Leadership Seminars

2016 - Renovated After school building

2017 - After School Program

2018 - Newsletter Launch

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